Sunday, 3 March 2013

Best dating guides and books for dating

What is the best guide to dating?

Ok so my first date didn't work out its time I took some advice.  What was it that went wrong? i met the right man for me and the wedding bells did not chime!  How dare they not chime!  did I wear the right clothes - I started to look for advice on how to look good on a date.

How to look good on a date

Nina Garcias Look Book is a good start to where I went wrong but frankly when I found The Ultimate Style Guide - FROM DRAB TO FAB  I split my sides laughing and realised that it is NOTHING TO DO with what I was wearing - it's about self confidence.  HOW DARE Rayne and Nicole even think its acceptable to assume what I was wearing was DRAB! - I have deliberately not included their surnames as they do not deserve the mention. 

Girls - do not let someone dictate what to wear on a date

You must wear what you feel is comfortable - feeling uncomfortable on a date is the WORST thing you can do on a date.   I always follow Sunday Times Style magazine - but frankly last week it was terrible - very unusual for Style magazine - The point is that if you feel something is wrong.  It is wrong.  if you want to know how to look good on a date go with your gut feel when choosing an outfit for your date.  Follow the fashions where they feel great - feel confident about completely ignoring them when they do not feel so good.

Get your makeup right for your date

Jemma Kidd is my absolute hero for perfect date makeup - subtle, full makeup that is sexy, sophisticated, beautiful and edgy without being wacky.  my absolute top tip for the way to look on an arranged date.

If you are going on a funky night with the intention of drawing attention to yourself you must see Make Up is Art  striking, statement makeup that you need to plan about two weeks in advance. That said you will look amazing on your date









Finding a man is a full time job

But do not let that daunt you!  Just because the first one I found was not quite right - it was only a set back - I think I would find it quite freeky to go on and marry the first man I found on a website.  I will continue to visit good dating websites

Finally dont forget to wear a smile on your date

Happy Flirting


Saturday, 2 March 2013

Natures Own First Date Chastity Belt, Slightly Greying Underwear!

What to wear on a date?

Great news I might have found the man 4 me. Now i need to know what to wear on a date with him! We are going out in Manchester tonight.  OMG how difficult ! I checked out amazon and found a section on Spring Romance and it clicks straight through to lingerie - this is a first date am I a prude?  Perhaps I am just old fashioned.

Flirt impressions count on a date no fashion mistakes must be made!

You never get a second chance to make a flirt impression. Ineed to think about what you I am saying with my clothes as well as the words I plan to say.  No pressure on a first date!

Date dressing to say Independent Woman

I am a very independent woman already my natural fashion style is to look in control and on the move.  I am worried this might scare my new man off.  That said I dont want my first date to look like I am desperate for a husband to sub off and scare him away either.
Source: via Flirticity on Pinterest

Should my clothes say "Look after me"

Because I am so independent I think I want my man to feel he could look after me so I am not going for my natural style for this date I am going to go a little more subtle.
This dress is perfect - the latest digital print techniques say I know about fashion, the colour and the cut say I am up to date, spring is here and I am fun.  A little duck egg or lavendar cardi, wrap or jacket will finish this off perfectly as there was frost on the ground this morning!
Source: via Flirticity on Pinterest

Lovely lingerie for a date

Its only my view but lovely lingerie should most definietly be worn but not seen on a first date.  I have ordered my dress so I am spent up! I am going to use my existing nude colour but slighlty greying lingerie - guarantees there will be no fumbling for my bra as it will not be one I am prepared to show!  Natures own chastity belt slightly greying underwear!
Wish me luck on my first date
Happy dating


Saturday, 23 February 2013

Flirtual Reality - is that guy flirting with me online

Flirtual Reality - it's the now

The concept of virtual reality has been around for many years.  Real life but recreated in a virtual online world.  Flirtual reality is the name for flirting and meeting your partner online.  A natural development who can honestly say they met their loved one in pubs or bars anymore.  Time is precious and nobodys time fits with anyone else's.  Online dating is a perfect way for hunky men to queue up to meet you!

Dating sites need not be scary

When you go on a dating site take a deep breath sign yourself in to a new way of meeting friends.  Behind the pictures are people who are as terrified of this process as you are! Lose the fear and dive in.  Sign up and start chatting to lovely blokes.  If you dont like a person you see - its easy click to the next person.  Its actually easier to move on, online, than it would be if you got stuck with Halitosis Harry at the bar in a club.

Join me on my journey to find a man!

This week I signed up to

There are some lovely blokes to meet.  My favourites for this week are Steve  who is lovely looking and from his photos loves sophisticated travel he even says he is looking for marriage !  Not bad considering he hasn't yet met me!  I could be a moose with twice the backside!    I winked him but he didn't wink back!  Ho Hum - he cant have read my blog yet as I have not published it!  My reputation clearly goes before me... or perhaps its because I have not yet signed up and so he might have winked back but I cant see his response!  Dilemma! They have an offer of one month FREE gold membership. Which I think might be pretty good - I've already found a few blokes I like so it can't be hard to find a nice one in less than a month and pay nothing.  Bargain.  Blokes for free.  Wonder how they do that then? 

Within minutes someone is flirting with me

Within minutes of signing in I have an email from someone wanting to flirt with me.  Perhaps not that one but its very much easier to politely decline this way than if propositioned in real life - I would rather spend a whole evening with someone who was not right rather than hurt there feelings but in reality they would probably prefer to be released from spending the time with me and are too gentlemanly to make the exit themselves.   What a mutual waste of time when it's so precious.

I also checked out Tim who seems absolutely perfectly lovely.  Sadly he lives too far away from me for it to be practical to even start a conversation but if you are willing to travel he is my top hunky tip.

Happy Flirtual Reality Trips


Friday, 22 February 2013

How to tell if a guy is flirting with me

It's easy to tell if a guy is flirting with you.  

They hold your view for longer than comfortable, beyond awkward until it prompts a smile. Then once the smile has cracked they look away.

I think he is flirting, what should I do?

You must look away too! Straight away and don't look back for longer than you are really wanting to.  Its tempting to take a peek but you really must not - keep him keen too!  If you absolutely must check out if he is watching you use your peripheral vision.  Look straight ahead and mentally blank out what you see.  Focus your mind on your peripheral vision round the edges and watch his every move.

The biggest flirt trick is to be patient and put in the effort

Everything takes time - more time than you may think worth the effort.  Say to yourself is this man worth the effort of flirting, if he isn't then don't expect and don't be disappointed when nothing happens.  Time is the only difference between a brilliant flirt and someone who thinks no one wants to flirt with them.  it can take half the evening of distant flirting before 

There is someone for everyone to flirt with
I firmly believe this.  Confidence is essential and believing there is someone for you will ensure that you find them.  Keep looking and you will find.  You don't have to marry the first person you flirt with, likewise if you flirt with 100 that is OK too!  Just think of it as window shopping before making your considered purchase.

Flirting practice makes perfect 

As with any sport flirting needs practice.  You need to exercise your flirting muscles to keep them fit.  Try having a go at flirting on the bus or in a pub when out with your mates. Flirting does not need to lead to anything and most people are simply flattered by the attention. A smile and a nod hurts no one.

Happy Flirting